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Business Counseling

The Staten Island Business Outreach Center provides business counseling services for new and established businesses.

With more than 35 years of experience helping small business owners achieve their goal of success, our staff can provide business counseling services to every type of business, big or small across any category.

Successful businesses make it easy for customers to purchase their products and services and ensure that the customer experience is enjoyable. With established businesses, this may mean updating technology, utilizing internet services and establishing social media pages so that customers have multiple ways to access your business.

SIBOC business counseling services provides small business owners with an expert opinion about how the public views their business and what can be done to extend their reach. We will analyze your practices and compare them against others in your industry then recommend adjustments (if necessary) to ensure that your business is doing everything it can to become more profitable.

Oftentimes our business counseling services will find that you only need minor adjustments to stay current in your industry. Sometimes those adjustments require more extensive changes. When they do, we can point you in the direction of financing so that you can put your new plan into action.

Doing business in New York City is a challenge. Doing business in a small community like Staten Island can be challenging but it can also work in your favor because word of mouth travels fast. When you take advantage of our business counseling services you will be working with professionals who understand Staten Island and who will help you develop a plan to reach new customers and to make your business more profitable.

Call us today to learn more about our business counseling services. Our business experts are standing by – ready to help put more dollars in your pocket.